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About Me

I have never received any formal photographic training but have a deep passion for most forms of photography. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Whistler, Canada in 2007 after receiving my engineering degree. Mountain biking was my primary reason for moving, but during my time there I developed an affinity for natural landscapes, finding inspiration in the ancient forests and innumerable snow-capped peaks. My photographic journey thus began with landscape work and continued when I moved back to Cape Town two years later.

Mixing my desire for a new challenge with my passion for adventure, I discovered urban exploration (urbex) photography. I find it thrilling to explore abandoned spaces that still echo with the whispers of years of memories. I wish to show that there is alternative beauty in these decaying structures.

I have a great love for travel, and one of my cameras usually accompanies me on my journeys. I do, however, try to strike a balance between capturing images and purely experiencing moments. I have fairly recently begun shooting 35 mm film, and am finding it challenging but rewarding.

I would describe my general photographic style as vivid and clean, intricate yet ordered.

Feel free to contact me to discuss projects, prints, or pretty much anything else that’s on your mind.

Profile picture by Mariusz Szczawinski